Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Employee of the Month?

This month I was selected as the employee of the month for the entire company of over 500 employees.  Wow, I am so grateful!

My anonymous nomination reads:

"Veltis took charge of re-organizing our store’s entire supplement side.  She actually drew up her plans at home in her free time.  Our store used to separate everything by brands and that would make it hard to quickly find what the customer wanted.  For example a customer wants d-3, we would have to go to 5 different areas of the store to show them what we had.  Veltis organized everything by what it was instead of brand. Now we can show the customers all of the vitamin d-3’s in one area.  We save time and customers like seeing all we have in one spot better.  Veltis directed other employees that helped her move things and showed great leadership and initiative to complete this large product in a timely fashion.  Since I’ve been here in my 3+ years i have not seen such a large project done as this one and Veltis planned and orchestrated the whole thing wonderfully."